Creative Photography by Rhonda | Pets
Our pets are like kids in the house! They add so much in making a house a home and surround us with so much love! They also get into trouble regularly but give unlimited affection and unconditional love! Can't we all tell many stories from our own experiences with our beloved pet friends?! My husband Greg, and I and daughter Sammie currently have two Parson Russell Terriers in our home, Penny and Cappi. They are brother and sister and are featured in our Pet Gallery in a portrait together.

Call today at 970-249-9809 to set up a time for us to photograph your favorite pet professionally at any age in their development! From puppyhood to very aged! It is sure to be a treasured portrait just like that of your children for many years to come! It is also a great idea to have a few photographs taken with you and your pet(s) together!